5 Simple Ideas to Remain Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul

5 Simple Ideas to Remain Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul

It's been a month since I've been home bound as a result of Covid-19. How does someone stay mentally sane after being isolated in their own house for weeks on end. When you stay active, your mind is stimulated and sane. But as time goes on each minute is counted and your mind starts to take off on its own. Positivism starts to waver and negativity starts to take over. At 3RepsMore, we want to provide you with 5 simple tips to stay healthy in mind, body, and soul.

Top 5 Ideas to ensure a healthy mind, body and soul

1. Find a new meal or recipe to cook each day. Pinterest provides some amazing and simple recipes for you and your family. My personal favorite is the Mongolian Beef: https://pin.it/4g5WjvJ 

2. Online shopping therapy. During a pandemic, there's no better way to help the economy and some small business by doing some online shopping. Is there a missing home gym device that can make your workout easier? Check out the Toning Bar or Slimming Rope and spending 15 mins. - 20 mins., 3x a week can do wonders to your health physically and mentally. Are you running out of lounge wear? 3RepsMore.com curates the trendiest athleisure wear for men and women.

3. Look around your house or apartment and ask yourself, what can I do to improve my sanctuary, since I'll be here every second, every minute, every hour, and every day. What little things can I add, to make it that much better for me. Is it adding your favorite flowers or plants? Is it a DIY shelving project? How about tending to your garden and spending some time outside your home that can make your outdoor space that much better.

4. That's right, this is my #4. What tv shows can you catch up on? My personal top ten favorites are:

   1. Animal Kingdom

   2. Good Girls

   3. Billions

   4. Ozark

   5. The Stranger

   6. Money Heist

   7. Designated Survivor

   8. The Bodyguard

   9. Shark's Tank

   10. Dragon's Den

4. Walk for a min. of 3 laps or more around your neighborhood each day. You be surprised how the fresh air and the simple task of walking can do good for your mind, body and soul. Get connected with nature and nearby neighborhoods.

5. Pamper yourself. When you come out of home isolation, going all natural is not an attractive option. When your roots and grey, and your skin is hard leather, that will only bring down your self esteem and confidence. Take a bubble bath, and scrub your body until it's smooth as silk. Use that face scrub, and face mask to hydrate, and regenerate dry skin. My personal favorite is the Black Pearl eye mask and face serum. Check it out at www.blackpearlbeautybar.com.

Don't make excuses. These are simple top 5 tips and challenges you can give yourself to feel better in mind, body and soul.

Happy Monday everyone!


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